A personal post

I lost my job last Tuesday due to restructuring. There were about 10 of us that were let go. I still have to apply for EI. I would love to find a job in a month or so. EI is only half of my salary. It would be a miracle if I found a job right away.

I will keep you posted on my job search journey.

Disney Infinity sale on figurines

The Disney Infinity figurines are on sale at Future Shop 2 for $15.00
The sale ends today. I went to Future Shop this morning to get a price adjustment because I paid regular price for Mrs. Incredible. I ended up buying 3 more on sale! I saved $20.00

This video game is so much fun. There is so much to learn. My daughter and I enjoy playing this game together. My hubby has not tried it,yet. We will family Disney Infinity night soon.

Happy long Easter Weekend!!