Do you use a landline? We have a landline. I realized we don’t use it that much. We are thinking of cancelling our landline. My husband has his cell phone and I have my Fongo VoIP free phone. I also have my prepaid cell phone plan.
A lot of people don’t have a home phone now a days and just live off their cell phones. It seems like a waste to pay for our home phone when we hardly use it.
I love Fongo It works with wifi or data. Fongo is a free VoIP phone for Canadians. You can use Fongo on your mobile devices, iPod, itouch, and iPad.

Cancelling cable?

My husband and I are thinking of cancelling cable. We will still have Neflix. Our daughter loves TV. I think she watches too much TV and we need to practice more reading. Grade 1 will end in a month or so.

I can still watch my favorite morning show on BT television on my ipad or iphone. By cancelling cable, we can spend time on other things like Disney Infinity, family hikes, board games, reading and much more.

I am curious about Roku and Crackle They sound interesting. If we cancel cable, our daughter will miss DisneyXD. She can watch DisneyXD on the iMac direct from their site.

Do you have cable or just have Netflix? My co-worker just has Netflix. I like the idea of cancelling cable next month. I will miss my reality shows & I can read updates on line.