I miss Disneyland!

Thank goodness I made this YouTube video before our iMac crashed. I didn’t get to save this video on our external drive.

I haven’t made a vacation photo book yet of our Disneyland trip from 2014. I’m thinking of just making a slideshow instead.

Next time we go to Disneyland or Disneyworld I will try and take more videos. It’s nice watching the memories over and over again.

2016 is going to be amazing

A few years ago, my mom made a comment to me that I will get fat when I get older. I don’t want to get fat. I started exercising 6 weeks ago. It’s going well. I lost some weight and probably gained some muscle during these 6 weeks. I’m happy that the button on my fav jeans actually close. I just need to get more fit so my fav jeans fit me perfectly. 5 weeks ago my fav jeans didn’t fit.

I joined an exercise group on Facebook which helps me stay motivated. I will share an update in 6 months. It will be interesting to see my progress at the end of the year. My main goal is to go from skinny to fit. It’s possible to exercise at home without a gym. All my exercises are at home with no gym equipment.