My Superstore deals

I had fun coupon shopping this morning at Superstore.

Activa yogurt $3.93 -$2.00 coupon = 1.93
Activa yogurt drinks $4.98 – free coupon = FREE



Bluewater seafood 2 x $4.49 = 8.98 – $2.00 in store coupon = $6.98 – $1.00 manufacture coupon = $5.98


My other deals
Wonderbread $2.29 – .75 smartsource coupon = $1.54

L’Oreal kids burst of berry shampoo cars limited edition = FREE
The shampoo scanned in at $3.49. It was the wrong price. It’s on sale for $3.00 I went to customer service to scop it which is scanning code of practice. When an item is under $10.00 and scanned in at the wrong price you get it for free.

I also saved $3.00 off my cover girl products.


I ordered the activia coupons on line directly from them.

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