Getting rid of stuff

I finally organized my daughter’s small clothes and shoes. We are having a clothes party to sell her stuff. I can’t wait till we get rid of her small clothes and accessories. I already reserved some items like Disney Robeez and portable booster seat for a friend. The clothes party will be fun. The moms will be in the basement. The dads on main floor and the kids upstairs in the playroom. I am just trying to pick a date for the clothes selling party. My friends will get a good deal. Most things will be $1 or $2. The Robeez shoes $10, Robeez booties $20



Selling clothes to friends is much easier than going to a baby swap meet and I don’t have to pay a fee for renting a table. I am pretty sure the party will be a success. I will keep you posted.

Btw, the party was my husbands idea. I was sending emails to sell stuff. A party is a great idea!!

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