Rocket speller app

Rocket Speller app is a great educational app. I found out from moms with apps about this free app. It’s free for a limited time. I am so glad I found out about moms with apps.

My daughter loves her new game!!

Below is a screen shot of the game



One thought on “Rocket speller app

  1. Hi Denise, We are thrilled your daughter likes our app Rocket Speller!  You might be interested to know that we’re preparing to launch Rocket Speller PLUS (as early as next week if there are no delays at Apple). It will include the much-requested phonics option, 450 words (including some Dolch sight words), and more rockets for kids to choose from. We’ll be releasing it at a promo price during December and then it will be priced at $2.99 in January. The free version will, of course, remain available. We’ll be posting updates on our Facebook page: Warmest holiday wishes to you and yours!
    Little Big Thinkers

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