Marble Math Junior

I got Marble Math Junior app for free on Thursday night. It’s a fun math game for kids. My 3 and a half year old daughter needs a little help since the game is for ages 5 to 9??

This app works for the iPhone and iPad.

Here is a clip of my daughter playing the game:

The game has different levels. I would recommend this game for your 5 to 9 year old.


One thought on “Marble Math Junior

  1. I’m excited to to let you know that Marble Math and Marble Math Junior are updated in the App Store
    with all new features.

    Here’s what’s new in 1.1:

    Parents and teachers can now add as many users as they want – on the same device!

    The addition of multi-user accounts allows players to create individual profiles, each with customizable
    avatars, skills, and game options, and includes a personal game history.

    And the we think kids will love the fun avatar maker.

    Additionally, Marble Math Junior is on sale starting tomorrow for only $0 .99 .
    The sale dates are August 10-12.


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