Diva Cup – my experience

Have you heard of the diva cup? I bought it 3 months ago. I like that I am being green and not throwing out waste for the time of the month. I feel like I am going to get “it” today. You can wear the diva cup in advance if you think it’s the day.
I did a lot of research before switching to the diva cup. I love that I don’t have to buy pads anymore last minute. The diva cup is reusable. My 5 year old daughter knows about my diva cup. I will explain more to her when she is older. If you are thinking about the diva cup, I say go for it. The emptying and washing of the cup is not as bad as you think. The diva cup changes the way of your period.
The diva cups are available in two size 1 and 2. I bought size 1 because I am small, 5 feet tall & 104 pounds. I had natural child birth and size 1 works great for me. Diva Cup recommends size 2 if you had child birth but I read a lot of reviews which made me pick size 1.


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