Shopping in the States

My husband & I went shopping in the states yesterday. Everything that we bought was on sale even our dinner. We ate at Asian 1 in Bellingham, WA. It’s in the same complex as Costco. From 3 to 5pm, everything is 25% off.


We went to Bellis Fair mall. The main store that we shopped at was Kohls It was fun Christmas shopping at Kohl’s. They have a big sale now. We usually wait last minute to go Christmas shopping. It was peaceful Christmas shopping in October. I signed up for the Kohl’s reward points program and saved an extra 15%. I love that I found lots of Sofia the princess stuff at Kohl’s. It’s cheaper at Kohl’s compared to the Disney store in Canada.


I also bought something for myself at Charlotte Russe My leggings were on sale for $5.00. I also bought a top at Aeropostale for around $5.00. I can’t remember the exact price. I love that I bought a new outfit for under $11.00


My hubby also bought a jacket at Aeropostale It was 60% off around $25 dollars or so.
We only need to buy our daughter one more item for Christmas and a present for her cousins. It’s going to be nice having Christmas shopping done early this year.
We stopped buying Christmas presents for each other and family 5 years ago. Christmas is all about our daughter and kids. I don’t exchange Christmas presents with family anymore.

Have you started Christmas shopping?


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