Pumpkin Carving Party in Maple Ridge

Are you doing anything on Sunday, Oct 22nd? I will be dressed as a pig at the Pumpkin Carving Party at SPCA in Maple Ridge. Click here to see more details of the fundraiser. It’s from 12 – 3:30pm.




I have been very quiet on social media about my mom’s death. My dad, sister, husband, or daughter don’t read my blog. It’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog. This is my first time mentioning anything about my mom on line. I will share my blog with my daughter when she’s older.

Last month, my parents were on their way to celebrate my dad’s birthday at the Hard Rock Casino. They were at the wrong place and the wrong time. A run away rolling truck ran down the hill. My parents were in that horrible car accident . On sad note, they didn’t make it to celebrate my dad’s birthday. The run away truck hit them. My dad survived but my mom passed away on scene. She lived a short life and died at the young age of 67. She was a cancer survivor but didn’t survive the car accident.

The grieving process has been difficult and I’m slowly getting through it. My mom was buried a month ago yesterday. I didn’t take any pictures at the viewing or funeral. The last minute slide show was played at her viewing. See below..