Do you like Perogies? Check out Taste of Ukraine. They have two locations. I went to the Port Coquitlam location for lunch last week. I love their perogies! The service is fast and they also sell frozen as well.


iPad mini case review

Thank you to Mactrotown for the complimentary iPad mini case. My daughter and I have been using it for over a month now. It’s one of our favorite cases.


The case is great for any occasion like baking, watching a movie & Christmas morning. My daughter loves this case to use at home for everyday use.


How many of you watch moments on your ipad or iphone? I set up my ipad to record Christmas morning. I prefer watching the real moment vs watching through a screen.

My 6 year old daughter rates the ipad mini angel case 10/10. It’s a cute case only to use at home. Since there is no cover we don’t use this case for travelling.

Check out Mactrotown for ipad cases, iphone cases and accessories.